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When flashing you are super man

When flashing you are super man

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for the amount of stink this person who complained about me tsking them for throwing something out is raising i could have delivered a goddamn cathartic SPEECH

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Kim Sung Hee at Alberta Ferretti Spring 2015 MFW


Kim Sung Hee at Alberta Ferretti Spring 2015 MFW

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@macy_daisy sports a Miss Alphabet necklace! How cute is she??? #regram #pinkhair #pastel


@macy_daisy sports a Miss Alphabet necklace! How cute is she??? #regram #pinkhair #pastel

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These pictures are the Hell Courtesan portraits from Junko Mizuno’s “Rising” exhibit at Gallery Nucleus. The description for all of them is so great:

"Jigoku Dayu was a courtesan celebrated for her alleged encounter of spiritual enlightenment with the Buddhist monk Ikkyū.  She has been a popular subject for many artists over the last several hundred years.  After getting kidnapped and sold to a brothel, she renamed herself as “Jigoku” (meaning “hell”), believing that her misfortune was the result of karma from her previous life.  She is usually depicted wearing a kimono with scenes of hell on it and is often surrounded by skeletons, representing her newfound understanding of life’s transience and illusion.  What may appear to be bizarre, scary, or even humorous images are actually symbols layered with her divine inspiration.  Upon witnessing Buddhist hell, the courtesan finds enlightenment and wisdom."

The first one is selling as a print and also my birthday is coming up soon.

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Its been NINE YEARS and i still dont think anyone knows exactly why teen titans was cancelled

Same reason Young Justice and Green Lantern The Animated Series were canceled: Girls liked it. Paul Dini finally up an’ said it out loud in an interview a while back when he was asked why in the hell GL:TAS had been canceled when it was doing so well on every front; DC’s animation executives have institutionally decided that feee-males don’t/can’t/shouldn’t like superheroes, so even if a show is drawing in great viewership numbers and has great toy sales, once they find out that it’s popular with women and girls, they pull the plug on it. Giancarlo Volpe made a comic about Bruce Timm explaining one of the ways those executives turn “girls don’t like superheroes” into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Cartoon Network loved Teen Titans— two million viewers for new episodes will do that— and wanted a Season Six, and the production staff was already in the planning stages for it; they were going to have a big arc about Terra and why she was Living Normal, and do a lot more with the extended Titans team members.

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